Principal's Message

Dear Students,

                                               Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
                                                Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
It's  admission  time  again and exam time too. We are facing strange  situation  that   set  uncertainty  for  all. I  personally emphasize  with all  the  young ones who develop anxiety for their future. It  is also  an  era of courageous  minds who dare to face unseen  enemies. Believe  in the God in you. Father of all  is there  to  lead  you  in  the  dark period. My  prayers are there for your health and your family members well being.
Keep  your  self  safe. Not  only  from  virus  but  our  own discouraging   talks    and    thoughts .   Keep   wondering  and pondering  over  all  the possibilities  of  good  life. The  world 
of  skill and knowledge  is always  opened  to you beyond the walls of Institutions. Keep learning useful things.
Once again we too open the possibility of enhancing your knowledge,  Admissions are  going  on  for  graduate and post graduate   students .  Considering   the   financial   crunch  we announced a few liberal packages in fee structure.
Contact office for further details.
Wishing you all success in your life.



                                                                                                               Mrs. Reeti Mangoch