Hostel Rules

  1. A separate form must be filled for the admission to the  Hostel and this form can be obtained from the college office.
  2. The total Annual fees for the hostel shall have to be paid in two installments. New admission shall take place every year.
  3. It is compulsory for the parents to submit the two attested photographs of all the visitors in addition to their own photographs at the time of the admission of their ward to the hostels.
  4. The hostellers can leave the hostel premises only with the permission of warden / Principal.
  5. Leave for home visit shall be granted only once in a month. If the student remains on Leave for a long period of time, then she will have to pay fine, the amount of which shall be decided on per day basis.
  6. The brother/sister/parents/guardians of students can visit them only on Saturday and Sunday.

     Food and Mess

  1. 3000/- Fixed Fee (Monthly)
  2. Hostel has its Healthy & Hygienic Mess and Canteen.
  3. With a focused priority to hygiene, the hostel's mess ensures a neat and home like ambience in the kitchen and dining area.
  4. Vegetarian, simple and homely Indian meals made with fresh ingredients make a healthy and pleasurable diet.
  5. Different varieties of food are provided according to a set weekly schedule, discarding monotony and ensuring varied nutrition intake.